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I have purchased my domain and hosting, but I can't access my site or WordPress toolbar. Help! Help!First, verify that your domain is actually registered. Do it.

The reason for this is:

  • It is also possible that you could accidentally click on the "I own this domain" tab at the top of the hosting login screen ..
  • If you don't see anything in your e-mail, I would recommend that you get it.

    How do I use a domain name that already belongs to HostGator?

    If you already own a domain name, you simply need to "specify" it on the HostGator account. When you register for hosting, be sure to click the "I Already Own This Domain" tab at the top of the order form. Once you have completed the form, you must specify the DNS to your new hosting.

    If the HostGator does not email you instructions on how to do this, you can use.

    The domain name I want is not available, but there is no site when I enter it in my browser. What does it do?

    Domain names and sites are separate things. Here's a brief explanation:

    A Web site is just a set of files that are interconnected and live on the same server. The server hosting the Web site files has an "address" that can be used by other computers to retrieve it. It's called an IP address, and it's made up of numbers that are very hard to remember ...

    Domain names are, in fact, aliases for these numbers-they are easier to remember when the files of the website live. Large companies, called registrars, deal with the registration of domain names and store large databases that remember which domain names point to the numerical addresses of the servers. For example,

  • The point is that if the domain name is available, someone can register it ... and you do not have to point it to the server. They can simply register a domain name and own ...

    There are many reasons for this-some people are registered in the domain in advance because they want to reserve it, but are not yet ready to create their own site (I really recommend doing this for your name). Others register multiple domain names in the hope to sell them for profit later ...

    In any case, the bottom line is that if a domain is registered, you will not be able to register it for yourself, regardless of whether it has a website. This is the path of peace:/.

    I received a letter from the HostGator requesting additional information about the verification. Is that Legate?Yeah, it's legal. This happens only in rare cases, but sometimes HostGator (other hosting companies also do so) will ask the new client to provide additional information to check their identity ..

    They do this to help people not to sign stolen personal information-however, do not take it personally, because the selection process is often random and is based on factors such as your location ..

    Additional information in Docs HostGator:.

    I want to make some sites. Should I buy multiple hosting accounts?

    No! No! However, if you use HostGator-Baby Plan rather than Hatchling Plan ..

    , you will need a layout plan for the next level.If you have not yet purchased the hosting, just change your package to.

    After you are in the Baby Plan, you just need to create an Addon domain. Here's how to do it.

    I have a problem with the design of the website. Help! Help!Unfortunately, this is a place where I can't provide a whole bunch of user assistance. If you are inexperienced and want to achieve excellent design, I strongly recommend that you:.

  • Start with the free
  • If you are still unable to get the desired view, I recommend that you purchase the premium theme-which comes with a bonus support from the developer of the theme.

    Do you have tips for creating a blog?.

    I think that adding a blog to your personal site (or building one separately) is a great idea! If you need advice on how to do this, I have thrown quite a lot of my knowledge in the blog area:.

    I have already built a site/blog on to translate my site at

    Here's a quick video I've done to help you in this process:

    My question isn't Answers here!

    Don't worry. Use the contact form below to let me know what's going on, and I will do everything I can to help you. Please use it.

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